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Max Chri Development was founded in 2014 and has come a long way since its beginnings in Germany. In the same year, I discovered my passion for automation software and released my first tools. After earning my degree in computer science, I focused on web development in 2020. In late 2023, I dedicated myself to learning and focusing on game development.

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Web Development

Specializing in PHP web development, my passion lies in backend programming. I prefer developing code from scratch rather than relying on third-party solutions, providing me with complete control despite the time investment. Additionally, I have dedicated expertise in frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

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Software Solutions

Over a decade ago, I started creating simple software solutions to automate processes, initially releasing them for free to thousands of users. As my skills grew, I began selling professional automation tools. Today, I focus on developing tools for personal use to optimize my daily tasks.

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My Skills

Over the years as full-stack developer I have learned a lot. Below are listed some of my key competencies.

Major Projects

Discover my most significant projects, showcasing innovative solutions and expertise developed over my career.


Smart tech case study

Data Analytics Company

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Modular admin panel for websites

VisionPanel is an innovate content-management-platform for websites. Its modularity and flexibility allow seamless integration of new modules. Users can manage dashboards for various teams or projects with unique widgets, data sources, and permissions. VisionPanel includes a robust administration interface for centralized user and project, alongside a content management system (CMS) for organizing dashboard content effectively.

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Video portal

Watch, upload and edit videos.

A multimedia platform for videos (Video-on-Demand). Watch or upload your own videos, while users can rate, comment, and subscribe to your channel. Use the built-in studio to manage your videos, including titles, thumbnails, tags, and more. The system uses its own fast and quality video converter based on FFmpeg.

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Other Work

I have worked on a variety of projects over the years. Here are some other highlights from my past.

Ariofast - Webhosting

Ariofast - Webhosting

Shared premium web hosting with prepaid system.


Avandos Network

A network of diverse projects I plan to create in the future.



An online store where I sell some of my applications.


MCDEV Software

My first registered business in web & software development.

My Games

I always had visions to create games. To be fair, it is harder than expected. But I managed to develop some small games with a workable demo. You may check out my highlights.

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Secret Mission - Zombie Shooter (2024)

Fight against various of zombie waves and survive. Upgrade your weapons, unlock utility such as turret guns, AI based soldiers or invest in objects like barricades.

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Final Elements - Tower Defense (2017)

Build a strategy to defend against elemental enemies. There are 15 different types of elements. Towers also have elements, which work more efficient against enemies with the opposite element type.

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